Pink Barbie cars on Magnetic Island, sailing around the ridiculously photogenic Whitsundays, jumping out of planes in Mission Beach, diving the Great Barrier Reef and avoiding the locals in Cairns…Welcome to tropical North Queensland

Back at the Nomads hostel in Rainbow beach we have a few days to try out some of the activities on offer in this teeny tiny town. We attempt sand boarding on the huge sand dunes nearby, without much success, and wake up super early one morning to drive over to Tin Can Bay, a small spot where, every…

Sydney Round 2, Hostel life ain’t so bad

Sydney, I’m back. And where else would I check into than Zing backpackers in good old Kings Cross. I expected to only stay for a couple of weeks, but ended up calling it home for the next 8 months. I never thought I could live in a hostel for so long, but while I thought…

The time I cheated on Sydney with Melbourne…

Oh Melbourne… I really wanted to hate you. I wanted to return ‘home’ with the smug satisfaction of knowing that this chilly city pales in comparison with the big smoke that is Sydney. But after only a few days here I can already see why Melbournites are so fiercely proud of their city.

The Longest Summer

After 5 months in New Zealand and 3 weeks in Australia I was back at home, and after a week the depression kicked in. A lot of things became clear to me. Travel does that to you, changes you without you realising, so that when you come home you feel unsettled and unsatisfied and you dont

‘Travel is….’ by Nick Miller

“Travel is little beds and cramped bathrooms. It’s old television sets and slow Internet connections. Travel is extraordinary conversations with ordinary people. It’s waiters, gas station attendants, and housekeepers becoming the most interesting people in the world. It’s churches that are compelling enough to enter. It’s McDonald’s being a luxury. It’s the realization that you…

The Beginning

The allure of far away, exotic places has obsessed me for as long as I can remember. I don’t know where this fixation with travel came from, neither of my parents have much interest in travel. My childhood family holidays consisted of long, boring weeks in cold, damp holiday cottages in

Your Problem

‘Your problem’, he says, ‘is you’re never satisfied’ He is sat on the balcony, rolling a cigarette. He’s got that pained, far away look on his face. The one I hate. He says it in French, the only language we speak together because all my